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Videos and Presenting

TEDxUCL: Can Consuming Art Increase Empathy? (2023)

Throughout the last few decades, our priorities have led to excessive consumption, be it in fashion, tech, or social media. This has resulted in younger generations developing feelings of inadequacy, lacking empathy, and having a less hopeful outlook for the future than ever before. However, one of the most influential and constructive ways to recalibrate our priorities is through art. Engaging with art and focusing on consuming culture will lead us to build a kinder, more creative, and more empathetic society, setting a healthier tone for future generations.


Panel Talk: Kravitz Contemporary x Death of Man Gallery for ‘Window Shopper’ with Suwon Lee, Małgorzata Widomska, and Elaine Tam (2023)

Alexandra Steinacker sat down with artists Suwon Lee and Małgorzata Widomska with curator Elaine Tam to speak about the exhibition Window Shopper at Kravitz Contemporary, London. They touched on topics involving the artists' respective practices, being a woman in the arts, along with the struggles (and benefits) of coming from an international background.


It was recorded and can be found on the All About Art Podcast as a live bonus episode (Listen in here).

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Take 5 with Rosebery's Auctioneers: Alexandra's 5 favorite lots from the Modern British & 20th Century Art auction (2023)

Alexandra was asked to present her 5 top picks from the Modern British and Contemporary Art Auction at Rosebery's Auction House, London, which took place on March 14th, 2023. 

She chose works by Marion Adnams, Isobel Françoise Rodmell, Veronica Ryan OBE RA, Jessica Dismorr, and Lucas Samaras.


You can read more about Alexandra's take on Rosebery's website here.

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Talk: On Art Censorship at the Lansdowne Club, London (2022)

Alexandra continued the conversation from episode 15 of the All About Art podcast on the topic of art censorship using a particular example that involves the US, the UK, Germany and Austria. The topic was the "100 Years and Still Too Daring?" ad campaign by the Vienna Tourist Board for the Viennese Modernism retrospective with works by Austrian artist Egon Schiele. To further the discussion, Alexandra spoke about the Vienna Tourist Board's move onto the platform OnlyFans in 2021, which became popular amongst creators that made adult content, along with the mixture of art and sex through the adult film website Pornhub's 'Classic Nudes' tours. (Listen in here)


Panel Discussion: Breaking Down Barriers at
Studio West Gallery (2022)

A panel discussion focusing on knowledge sharing around the many areas of opacity in the art world. Questions such as how do I start a career in the arts? How do I get my work shown in a gallery or group show? What kind of artists are gallerists keen to exhibit? How do I build an industry network? How do galleries sell artists' work? Do I need to be represented by a gallery? How should I price my work? 


Panel hosted by Alexandra Steinacker Clark, Founder of the All About Art Podcast, with Anna Choutova, Artist and Founder of BAD ART, Jack Trodd, Curator and Founder of BWG Gallery, Nicola Shane, Director of Purdy Hicks Gallery and Sarah Emily Green, Director of MAMA.

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Tour: The Female Landscape at the VBKÖ, Vienna, Austria (2022)

Co-curated by Alexandra Steinacker and Paula Marschalek for C/20 Association for International Curatorial Practice, Alexandra talks through an artwork in the exhibition The Female Landscape: Rethinking the Body through the Photographic and Beyond. The exhibition was selected as a part of the FOTOWIEN Festival 2022, exploring the ways in which the female body as a landscape is investigated through a feminist lens.

More information on the exhibition and artists here.


Exploring the Best from London Art Fair 2022 with Artscapy (2022)

Alexandra interviewed six participating galleries exhibiting at the London Art Fair 2022, taking place in the Business Design Center in London. Gallerists and artists answered her questions and gave advice on how to start or evolve an art collection.

She spoke to Lychee One Gallery, Jealous London, Wilder Gallery (including an exclusive interview with artist Amy Beager), La Bibi Gallery, Kunst ab Hinterhof, and Blue Shop Cottage.


Talk: THINK DIFFERENT – New Models for a Changing (Art) World with Saloon Network (2022)

Alexandra spoke about the All About Art Podcast at one of Saloon Networks recurring 'Nice to Meet You' events. For this iteration, Saloon invited speakers who have carved out new spaces of opportunity in a post-pandemic art world. From new gallery or business models, to innovative online exhibition formats to NFT inventions or new ways of collaborating with each other, the panel highlighted the new concepts and ideas SALOON members have been working on over the span of 2020-2022.

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